Social Innovation


Managed a portfolio of 25 social innovation projects granting over $100,000 in seed funding. Built a multi-state social entrepreneurship program for Millennials from scratch. Consulted for a Pacific Northwest social enterprise working with Ben & Jerry's. 



I have a decade of experience in fundraising, internal operations, staff management, financial analysis, communications expertise, and social innovation program developmentLet's break it down. 
Fund Raising 


Raised over 4.5 million via various campaigns including major donor pitches, foundations grants, corporate sponsorships, direct mail, online giving, and monthly memberships. 

Internal Operations


Managed budgets of up to 3 million and staffs of seven. Instituted forecasting models for better cost analysis, decision making, and growth. Brings an innovate more vs spend more attitude. 


Hi, I'm Scott.

I believe in the power of INNOVATIVE THINKING and DESIGN.



I have always had an entrepreneurial streak. It started at a young age when I set up a lemonade stand to catch all of the rush hour commuters returning from work. From that day on, I was hooked on creating my own business. I posted flyers throughout the neighborhood with advertisements of my roadside video game store, which sold Nintendo and Sega Genesis games. I even turned my childhood bedroom into a department store, labeling action figures, Legos, and anything else my friends wanted with a price tag. 


I strongly believe that hard work, optimism, innovative thinking, good design, and a bit of tenacity leads to a better world for all of us. 


"Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle."


Product Design


A new take on marketing for B2C small businesses 


Social Purpose 


Taking homeless youth off the street with ice cream




Lifting 175,000 out of poverty via community innovation





Product Design / Market Research / Prototyping / User Testing
Research / Design / Business
Define Problems / Execute Experiments / Iterate
Focus Groups / Design Labs
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